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Town hall - Information for citizens

The tasks of the Jülich Town Hall are manifold: issue of passports, processing of building applications, applications in kindergartens, weddings and so on. As varied as the tasks of management, so varied are the questions that arise for the Jülich inhabitants out of it. The following pages will help you to find quick answers.

In the rubric „News" You can find press releases, invitations to tender (for companies), jobs and the HERZOG KULTUR- & STADTMAGAZIN. Under „Mayor" you can find details about the mayor of Jülich. In the „public information" various offices are listed with their areas of responsibility. Downloadable forms are found here as well as the opening times or the organization plan of the city. „Concern from A – Z" helps you quickly find the right contact for your question.

The municipal statutes and regulations can be called up under "local law". Also the municipal policy is not forgotten. In the "Council and committees", you will find assorted information about the municipal bodies, parties and factions.

phone: 02461 – 63-0
Fax: 02461 - 63-362
mailing addresst: Postfach 12 20, 52411 Jülich
house address: Große Rurstraße 17, 52428 Jülich

Herrenloser Hund

Wer kennt diesen Hund?

Fundsachenversteigerung 2018

Fundsachenversteigerung 2018

Kapuzinerstraße gesperrt

Theater: Der Junge mit dem Koffer

3. Mai, 12 Uhr, Kuba im Rahmen der „Junges Theater“ Reihe für Schüler und Schülerinnen des Gymnasiums Zitadelle

Theater: Tschick

3. + 4. Mai 2018

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