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Day Care Facilities in Jlich

In Jlich, 6 municipal, 9 catholic, 1 evangelic and 5 day care centres of independent sponsors are available. The following composition gives you an overview about the kindergardens available in Jlich and tells you which facility is closest to your home.

Further information regarding municipal day care centres for example regarding the office hours of the individual facilities can be obtained from the city administration of Jlich, office for family, generations and integration, Mrs. Liebmann, Groe Rurstrae 17 (adjacent building), 52428 Jlich, telephone +49 (0)2461/63-211 and/or from the respective day care centres. The form application for a place in a municipal day care centre is available for downloading here as a pdf file. For applications for registration in facilities of independent or church facilities, please contact the day care centre of your choice, directly. There, you will as well get any further information about the centre.
  • 15  Apr  2021

    Kindertagesbetreuung Kreismäuse AöR: Unsere Jülicher Kitas suchen Verstärkung

    Bei uns steht das Kind im Mittelpunkt - Gute Kitas brauchen gute Fachkräfte!

  • 15  Apr  2021

    Sitzung des Stadtrates

    22. April 2021, 18 Uhr, Kulturmuschel im Stadtgarten des Brückenkopf-Parks Jülich

  • 15  Apr  2021

    Termine weiterhin gefragt

    Angebot wird erweitert

  • 13  Apr  2021

    Parken von Elektrofahrzeugen

    Parken Elektrofahrzeuge

  • 12  Apr  2021

    Kindertagesbetreuung Kreismäuse AöR: Mit früher Bildung zu gleichen Chancen für alle Kinder

    Bundesprogramm "Kita-Einstieg: Brücken bauen in frühe Bildung"


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