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Day Care Facilities in Districts

Day care centre “St. Martinus”
address: Steinstraße 23, Stadtteil Barmen, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Conveyance and setting examples of Christian values
  • Promotion of social behaviour and social contacts
  • Learning of tolerant behaviour together with other religions, races and cultures
  • Education for humanity
  • Contact persons for parents and children
  • Recognise and support natural talents 
Day care centre “Grünschnäbel”
address: St.-Mauri-Straße 1K, Stadtteil Bourheim, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Living together based on partnership
  • Creativity
  • Situation-oriented
  • Independence 
Integrative day care centre “Purzelbaum”
address: Kapellenstraße 4, Stadtteil Broich, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Situation-oriented
  • Holistic pedagogy 
Day care centre “St. Walburga”
address: Sandweg 17, Stadtteil Güsten, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Project work in preparation for school
  • Holistic, competence-promoting education
  • Cooperation with the booster club (workshops) 
Day care centre “St. Michael”
address: Pastoratsberg 7, Stadtteil Kirchberg, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Education in close touch with nature
  • Holistic education
  • Personality-promoting and supporting
  • Care for those younger than 3 years 
Day care centre “Unterm Regenbogen”
address: Crombachstraße 1, Stadtteil Koslar, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Holistic and family-supporting education
  • Child-centred working
  • Promote the strengths of the children
  • Promotion of movement
  • Support for parents in all situations of life 
Day care centre “Rappelkiste”
address: Matthiasplatz 2, Stadtteil Lich-Steinstraß, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Life-related and situation-oriented working
  • Living together based on partnership
  • Offers for all groups 
Day care centre “SpatzenNest”
address: Kreuzstraße 1, Stadtteil Mersch, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Understanding for nature and environment
  • Hours of movement (psychomotoric aspects)
  • Personality development (independence, self-confidence, self-trust)
  • Promotion of social behaviour
  • Working as a supplement for the family (intensive cooperation with parents)
  • Support of individual skills 
Day care centre “Die wilde 13”
address: Altenburger Straße 11a, Stadtteil Selgersdorf, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Promotion of independence
  • Own activity
  • Consideration of individual life situations 
Day care centre “St. Martin”
address: Kölner Landstrasse 54, Stadtteil Stetternich, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Holistic education and promotion of the development of personality, self-confidence, independence and self-trust
  • Diversity of movement (psychological health through active physical movement – motion areas needing improvement)
  • Manifold occasions for education in nature and the environment
  • Religious education 
Day care centre “St. Marien”
address: Auf dem Büchel 2, Stadtteil Welldorf, 52428 Jülich
Focal points:
  • Religious education
  • Experiences in nature and the environment
  • Promotion of creativity 
  • 17  May  2024

    “Inklusive und faire Sportwoche in Jülich”

    Sportwoche geht in die „dritte Runde“ vom 3. bis 9 Juni

  • 16  May  2024

    11. Jülicher Friedenslauf am 20. September 2024

    Schulen können sich noch bis zum 28. Juni anmelden

  • 16  May  2024

    Der Countdown läuft

    STADTRADELN vom 20. Mai bis 9. Juni 2024

  • 16  May  2024

    Ehrenamtlicher Einkaufs- und Bücherdienst

    Einkäuferinnen und Einkäufer gesucht

  • 15  May  2024

    Neuer Knorpel aus dem Labor

    Das Krankenhaus Jülich bietet ein spezielles Verfahren für Kniepatienten an


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