Marriage You want to get married? What do you have to do?

The competent authority for the registration for getting married is the register office of the district where at least one of the fiancés has a place of residence. The marriage itself may well be carried out in another register office of your choice. For giving you a basis for planning, we recommend you to first reserve a date and your preferred time for getting married.

If you

  • Both have your main residence registered in Jülich
  • Both are German citizens
  • Both have not been married before
  • Do not have children, yet
  • Were both born in Jülich

you will only need your identity card or passport for the registration for getting married in addition to the residence certificates of the registration office.
If one or more of the above mentioned requirements are not fulfilled, please go to the register office, first. We will then personally tell you which documents you need for the registration for getting married and where you may get these.

  • 28  Feb  2024

    „Café Auszeit“

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    Im technischen Immobilienmanagement der Stadt Jülich ist zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine Stelle als Amtsleitung zu besetzen

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    Kino: Eine Million Minuten

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