Coat of arms of Merzenhausen

Grafik: Wappen Merzenhausen

A silver (white) bar on red (deed of 1388).
  Municipal administrator:

Anna Katharina Peters (UWG JÜL)
Kirchweg 5
52428 Jülich

phone: +49 (0)2461 55382

Location in the region of Jülich: Merzenhausen lies West of the city of Jülich.
It is surrounded by Koslar in the East, Barmen in the North and Ederen/Freialdenhoven in the West.

Merzenhausen has first been mentioned in a document in 1307. The village owes its name to the location near the creek Merzbach. An aristocratic family of Merzenhausen is repeatedly mentioned in the 14th century. The castle of Merzenhausen has not been preserved. Its location is unknown. Presumably, it was located at the Northeastern edge of the village near the creek Merzbach. Another location is assumed at today's Lambertusweg.
Merzenhausen is a ribbon-built village. The appearance of today's Prämienstraße (which has been the main street until the municipal restructuring) is dominated by the farmstead buildings of the Renaissance, Baroque and historicism. Eight of these buildings are under monumental protection. The oldest building of the village is the Hubertushof, a four-wing estate in the style of Renaissance from the period around 1600. Merzenhausen is still today regarded as the centre of agriculture with 10 independent farms and the agricultural trade near the station.
The station of the Jülicher Kreisbahn which has been extended between Jülich and Puffendorf with an overall track of 15.22 kilometres between 1908 and 1922 is no longer used since the cessation of passenger traffic in 1971. Today, a company for agricultural products and/or agricultural trade is seated here.

Administrative affiliation:
Until the end of the Holy Roman Empire, Barmen was part of the so-called Dingstuhl (administrative district) Barmen Koslar and in French times belonged to the Mairie Barmen, canton Linnich. As part of the Prussian Rhine Province, Merzenhausen belonged to the mayor’s office Barmen, became independent in the middle of the 19th century and belonged to the office of Koslar until the municipal restructuring.

The “Institut für Chemie und Dynamik der Geosphäre – Agrosphäre (ICG-IV)” [Institute for chemics and dynamics of the geosphere - agrosphere] of the research centre of Jülich operates a field experiment site of a size of 7.5 hectare near Merzenhausen for the realisation of field sites close to reality. The project was completed in summer 2006.
In 2007, the wind park Merzenhausen went on line. Since 10 years, the model flying field of Jülich’s scale model pilots has been existing here.

St. Hubertus-Schützengilde Merzenhausen 1903 e.V.; Sportverein 1963 Merzenhausen e.V.; Tischtennisverein (table tennis club) 48 Merzenhausen


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Bild: Hubertushof
Bild: Merzbach
Bild: Hof Armbruster
Hof Armbruster

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