Economic Promotion

The city of Jülich knows about the importance of private companies for the development of the city. Private commitment and capital are a guarantee for the preservation and creation of jobs for Jülich’s citizens.

The city accounts for this by providing the companies with a special contact in the form of the economic promotion.

The focal point of the economic promotion is the management of industrial sites, i.e. the development and occupation of industrial sites.

But in addition to this, the economic promotion agency also provides the companies with a comprehensive counselling offer:

Counselling offers

  • In case of construction projects and site questions, the economic promotion agency ensures smooth cooperation with the respectively concerned authorities and competent institutions.
  • The economic promotion agency provides comprehensive information about any support programmes of the state.
  • The economic promotion agency assists in the acquisition of risk capital.
  • The economic promotion agency makes contact with institutions, associations, universities and other counselling authorities.

Immediate information

You will find important immediate information on the following pages (please click on the corresponding subject area):

SEG JÜLICH GmbH (German)

Industrial Sites

Important contacts & addresses (German)

Together with you, we will develop an individual solution for your company requirements.
Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will gladly be there for you!

Best regards,

  Heinrich Stommel
Heinrich Stommel
Mayor of Jülich

  • 03  Apr  2020

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  • 02  Apr  2020

    Vergabe von Standplätzen für Alttextilcontainer

    Interessenbekundungsverfahren läuft bis zum 24.04.2020


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