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Welcome to Jülich!

Dear visitors!
We are glad to welcome you on the homepage of the city of Jülich. On the next pages, you will find many interesting information about the city. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or remarks.
You clicked on the site in order to gather some information about a historical fortress and modern research city? You've come to the right site. Do you know what a bridge head is? Do you need more information about the highlights of our city? We would like to present the city and its characteristics to you on the following pages.
Today, the history of Jülich covering about 2,000 years offers visitors the possibility to take part in a time travel between the past and the present with the medieval witch tower (Hexenturm), the citadel from the 16th century, the bridge head (18th/19th century) and the museum of the city's history.
The bridge head park (Brückenkopf-Park) emerged from the successful Landesgartenschau (North Rhine Westphalian garden festival) Jülich 1998. Visitors can not only enjoy a wonderful day there but may as well inform themselves about ecological coherences and garden design possibilities.
If you are interested in the economic and scientific side of Jülich: The city provides its environment with an unparalleled potential for research and development. As Germany's biggest research institution, the Forschungszentrum Jülich (Jülich centre for research) contributes to the national and international research and technology development in many areas. The possibilities of cooperation of the department of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences which is based in Jülich as well as of the companies in the technology centre with the research centre make the settlement here particularly interesting for high-tech companies. This cooperation is used for the economy and industry in our region. A unique chance for using the available know-how is in particular granted to innovative companies and entrepreneurs in the new industrial park "Königskamp II". The conditions are excellent, especially in the field of future technologies.
Discover high-tech on historical ground and take a tour through 2,000 years of the city's history. Enjoy the flowers, the landscape and the historical ambiance of the bridge head park.

Please call us if you would like to know more about us.

Town Hall +49 (0)2461 63-0
Tourist-Information +49 (0)2461 8018737 or +49 (0)2461 63-419

„Malen macht älteren Menschen viel Freude“

Kreativangebot im Stadtteilzentrum Nordviertel wird fortgesetzt

„Yoga für Seniorinnen & Senioren“

Ein Angebot von „Senioren für Senioren“ im Stadtteilzentrum Nordviertel

„Lebensfreude im Alter“

Ehrenamtlicher Begleitdienst für ältere Menschen in Jülich – Neuer Flyer wirbt für das Projekt

10. Rad-Aktionstag: Am 16. September durchs Jülicher Land radeln

16. September, ab 9.30 Uhr, Brückenkopf-Park

OPEN AIR KINO: Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

24. August, 21 Uhr, Hauptbühne Brückenkopf-Park

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