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What to do where?
Abbreviations, buildings, address:
AR = old town hall, Marktplatz (market place); NR = new town hall, Große Rurstraße 17
NRN = new town hall (adjacent building Kartäuserstraße), Große Rurstraße 17
KH = Kulturhaus (culture hall), Kleine Rurstraße 20

Matters Office, institution, facility Address Telephone
Acknowledgement of paternity Register office NR 63-223
Addresses of culturally active associations Brückenkopf-Park GmbH, Rurauenstraße 11, 52428 Jülich   97 95-20
Adoptions District administration Düren, Bismarckstraße 16   02421/22-0
Adult education centre Jülich Adult education centre AR 63-219, -220 or -231
Advice on disposal, disposal calendar Construction administration office NRN 63-253
Allocation of house numbers Register office (registration office)   63-302
Allowances for associations School administration and sports office NRN 63-247
Allowances for rain water usage installations Construction administration office NRN 63-264
Ambulance service and emergency services Regulatory authority NR 63-396, -397 or -503
Animal shelter Tierschutzverein für den Kreis Düren e.V., Am Tierheim 2, 52355 Düren-Niederau   02421/505467
Application for a job with the city of Jülich Central office and office for personnel NR 63-380
Application for issuance of a family register Register office NR 63-222
Apprenticeship with the city of Jülich Central office and office for personnel NR 63-380
Approval for the partition of properties Building regulatory authority NRN 63-271, -283
Arbitration matters Arbitrator   02461/50240
Archive Kulturhaus am Hexenturm KH 936320
Assistance for blind as well as people unable to work and retired persons according to SGB XII Social services department AR  
■ Letters A -Kra Social services department AR 63-213
■ Letters Krb-Z Social services department AR 63-299
Associations (associations active in the cultural area) Brückenkopf-Park GmbH, Rurauenstraße 11, 52428 Jülich   9795-20
Asylum seekers/ refugees Social services department AR 63-217
Attachment of posters Real estate management, commercial department NR 63-336
Audit department Audit department NR 63-262
Authentication of birth, marriage and death cases Register office NR 63-223
Authentication of signatures Register office (registration office) NR 63-301
  • 22  May  2019

    Ausbildung 2020

    Stadt Jülich

  • 22  May  2019

    Heimatpreis - Vereine können sich bewerben

    Anmeldeschluss: 15.06.2019 

  • 22  May  2019

    Kino: Trautmann

    27. Mai, 20 Uhr, Kuba

  • 22  May  2019

    Löschgruppe Welldorf: „Tag der offenen Tür“ an Vatertag

    30. Mai, ab 11 Uhr

  • 22  May  2019

    Sachbearbeiter/Sachbearbeiterin gesucht

    Kämmerei der Stadt Jülich


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