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The city archive of Jülich documents 450 years of the history of Jülich with numerous historical documents, files, newspapers, photos and maps and plans. The written heritage of the municipal administrative activity has mainly been preserved since the big fire of 1547 when all older documents were destroyed. Among them, the annual accounts of the city and guest house (=hospital) since the 16th century and the council minutes since the middle of the 17th century are the most prominent documents. For later times, especially the comprehensive collection of local newspapers (since 1823) as well as the photo documentation from the time before the destruction of Jülich in November 1944 should be mentioned. Since the municipal restructuring 1972, the files of the previous offices of Kirchberg, Koslar and Stetternich are also part of the municipal archive stocks.

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  • 18  Oct  2021

    Impfungen im Kreis Düren: Die neuen Haltestellen des Impfbusses

    18. - 31.10.2021

  • 14  Oct  2021

    Literarischer Kammermusikabend

    15.10.2021, 19 Uhr, Kulturmuschel

  • 14  Oct  2021

    René Steinberg: Freuwillige vor – wer lacht, macht den Mund auf!

    René Steinberg 22.10.2021

  • 12  Oct  2021

    Einladung zum Seniorentag am 23. Oktober

    Seniorentag 23.10.2021

  • 12  Oct  2021

    Jülich zum „Abfahren“

    Spielteppich in Tourist Information und Museum erhältlich


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