Coat of arms of Pattern:

Grafik: Wappen Pattern

The divided shield shows a growing black lion with red claws in the upper golden (yellow) part and a lying golden (yellow) pretzel turned downwards in the lower black part
  Municipal administrator:

Hans-Peter Schmitz
Kreuzstraße 75
52428 Jülich

phone: +49 (0)2461 51130 or +49 (0)172 2126855

Pattern is located near the road from Aachen to Düsseldorf, about 4.5 km far from Jülich and only 5-6 minutes away from Mersch.


The rent-roll of the Abbey of Prüm of the year 893 lists the village under the name Patterne for the first time; thus, Pattern is more than 1,100 years old which has been celebrated in 1993. A deed of 1166 which lists the possessions of the Abbey of Siegburg also calls it "Patterne". Historical researchers relate the name to "pictura" = small vineyard and come to the conclusion that viticulture has been realised here as in the neighbouring villages of Güsten and Jülich already in Roman times. A line of business in early years was the baking of a pretzel which was still sent under the name of "Patterner Brezel".

Until today, this pretzel is shown in the coat of arms of Pattern. 70 years ago, the municipal forest with beeches with high stems was located in the Southeast of the village. Now, the forest land has been converted into farmland.

Near the exit towards Welldorf, there was a big farm before. Today, the inhabitants still call the meadow "Pettererhof". The name of the owner was spelled Keuterberg.
In front of Pattern towards the direction of Welldorf, there is a windmill which has been built by A.M. Kratz in 1773. The so-called Bockwindmühle was blasted in World War II and not re-built afterwards. On 31st October 1909, the first steerable vessel which has been seen in this region landed there. Only the dwelling house does still exist today and is inhabited.

In 1840, a school was established in Pattern and extended in 1865. The school was closed in 1960. Since then, children go to school in Welldorf and Jülich.

What has changed over the years?
Since the municipal restructuring in 1972, Pattern is one of the 15 parts of the city of Jülich. There are only two farmers left in Pattern, there is no food shop, no bakery or butchery and no restaurants, anymore.
Pattern is a small village off classified roads but with a good connection to the motorway A 44 Aachen/Düsseldorf. The former centre of the village has hardly been extended by new structures. A development area called “Im Dorf” was created in 1994.
From an ecologic point of view, Pattern benefits from its closed belt of gardens and parklands which provides a less disturbed retreat area for microbes and microorganisms of fauna but also for wild plants compared to the intensively used fields and meadows.
Points of interest
A dwelling house in Kreuzstraße 10, a farmstead in Kreuzstraße 56 and a wayside cross at the corner Kreuzstraße/Serresterstraße of the year 1860 are under monumental protection.

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