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Family centre

The task of a family centre is to provide offers for assisting and supporting children and families in different circumstances of life and with different needs via the day care institution. In this, it is important that the offers have low thresholds, i.e. that they are close to everyday life and can be used without any inhibition thresholds or spatial impediments.

Family centres follow a family-oriented approach. They want to address the family as a whole and offer a living environment for children as well as for the complete family. They address all families in the environment and are not aimed at certain target groups.

In the area of the city of Jülich, there are currently three family centres which provide different services to children and their families:

  • 22  Sep  2022

    „Auf vielen Gebieten besondere Verdienste vorzuweisen“

    Verleihung des Ehrenrings der Stadt Jülich an Wolfgang Gunia und Heinrich Stommel

  • 22  Sep  2022


    Ehrenringträger Hans August Schüssler

  • 21  Sep  2022

    Die Gestaltung der Mustergärten der Stadt geht in die zweite Runde

    Nach einem trockenen und heißen Sommer wird die nächste Musterfläche begrünt

  • 20  Sep  2022

    Einladung zum Runden Tisch im Stadtteilzentrum Jülich-Nordviertel

    26.09.2022, 18 Uhr

  • 19  Sep  2022

    Herbstferienworkshops im Museum Zitadelle

    Für Kinder und Jugendliche von 10 bis 14 Jahren


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