Ideas and Complaints

Ideas and complaints


Ideas and complaints management of the city administration of Jülich

What is the ideas and complaints management?
In private economy, the instrument of "complaints management" has been successfully used for years. It shall reduce the dissatisfaction of customers and prevent this in the future. Thus, it serves for customer retention.
Within the frame of the modernisation of administration, economic instruments are transferred to the communities. As many other communities, the city administration of Jülich is currently also in a state of transformation. In this, the orientation of the citizens and employees but also the continuous improvement of administrative services are in the foreground. In particular for the orientation of the citizens and the continuous improvement, the contact between the city administration and citizens plays an important role. In 1998, the city of Jülich has carried out a survey among the citizens as a first step in this direction. In the overall view, complaints represent such a permanent contact between the citizens and city administration.
"The future belongs to good ideas!" The city administration wants to collect further ideas, questions and messages from the citizens in order to be able to work on them. Therefore, this office is not only called complaints office but "ideas and complaints management". It shall be made clear to the citizens that complaints matter to the city of Jülich and are taken seriously. The motto of the ideas and complaints management is "Give new impetus!"

Ask questions, contribute ideas, deliver notices, rid yourself of complaints!
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  • 03  Apr  2020

    „Jetzt kommt es darauf an, es einfach zu tun!“

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    Ausbildung 2021

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    Die Stadt Jülich beabsichtigt zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt folgende Stellen zu besetzen:


  • 02  Apr  2020

    Vergabe von Standplätzen für Alttextilcontainer

    Interessenbekundungsverfahren läuft bis zum 24.04.2020


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