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General data of the city of Jülich
The city of Jülich is located in the Northern area of the district Düren in the administrative district of Cologne and thus in the centre of the city triangle of Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf (state: North Rhine-Westphalia).

Geographical position:
The city area is limited by the city of Linnich in the North, by the municipality of Niederzier in the East, by the municipality of Inden in the South and by the municipality of Aldenhoven in the West.
Northern latitude 50° 50 30
Eastern longitude 6° 21 30
Altitude 83 m SL
The largest extension amounts to 13.3 km from East to West and 10.9 km from North to South.

The highest point of Jülich is 110 m high and located in Bourheim. The lowest point is 70 m high and located in Barmen. (apart from the Sophienhöhe)

Parts of the city:
In addition to the city centre, Jülich comprises the following parts of the city:
Altenburg, Barmen, Broich, Bourheim, Daubenrath, Güsten, Kirchberg, Koslar, Lich-Steinstraß, Mersch, Merzenhausen, Pattern, Selgersdorf, Stetternich and Welldorf (with Serrest).

The river Rur runs through Jülich in the direction of Roermond. In total, the river Rur is 131 km long in North Rhine-Westphalia and it is unnavigable.

Public transport:
Bus (BVR): Jülich – Aachen, Jülich – Düren
Dürener Kreisbahn (local train): Linnich – Jülich – Düren with 5 stations in the city area
Regional traffic to Cologne: Jülich – Cologne
Airports: Düsseldorf, Cologne, Mönchengladbach, Maastricht (NL)

Surfaces, uses:
Municipal area: 90.4 sq km
Industrial real estate: 2.6 sq km of which 1.8 sq km are indicated in the land-use plan

  • 31  May  2023

    Kino: Der Super Mario Bros. Film

    Mo. 05.06.2023 & Di. 06.06.2023, jeweils 17 Uhr

  • 31  May  2023

    Kino: Roter Himmel

    Mo. 05.06.2023 & Di. 06.06.2023 um 20 Uhr

  • 31  May  2023

    Sommerferienangebote im Museum Zitadelle

    Workshops für Kinder und Jugendliche 

  • 30  May  2023

    Hobby-Boule-Treff im Nordviertel

    Hobby-Boule-Treff ab 07. Juni

  • 30  May  2023

    Tieren auf der Spur

    Ausstellungsführung „Tierisch was los“


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