Coat of arms of  Broich

Grafik: Wappen Broich

A red sword and a red fulling stick crossed on a golden (yellow) background..
  Municipal administrator:

Wolfgang Schiffer
Lindenend 4
52428 Jülich

Tel.: 02461 347860
Inhabitants: 1.124 (30. Juni 2012)
Incorporation in
the city of Jülich:
1. Januar 1972
Postleitzahl D-52428
Telefonvorwahl: 02461
Geographische Koordinaten: 50° 58' N, 6° 23' O
Location in the
Jülich region:
Broich is located North of the city of Jülich in the valley and at the slope of the Northeastern riverside of the river Rur near the motorway BAB A 44. It is surrounded by Barmen and Koslar in the West, by Tetz and Boslar (city of Linnich) in the North and by Mersch in the East.
The word “Broich” means something like “moist meadow”, “wooded moorland” or “marshy landscape”. The “i” is generally not pronounced but serves as a lengthening vowel in many Rhenish town names. Broich is used as an independent town name or is a part of town names as an ending.
The village in the marshy Rur river plain presumably was originally part of the settlement of Jülich as part of a Franconian prosecutor.
Around 1350, a Knight of Broich is mentioned for the first time and he might have been the founder of the chapel.
Since 1911, Broich has access to the railway line Jülich-Dalheim thanks to the station of Broich. Passenger traffic between Jülich and Baal was ceased as per 29th September 1968. Since 2002, the track section between Linnich and Jülich is used by the Rurtalbahn.


Administrative affiliation:
Haus Broich has been in the possession of different aristocratic families since the late Middle Ages. The village was belonged to the Mairie Hambach at French times, to the office of the mayor of Hambach since 1816 and to the office of the mayor of Mersch between 1871 and 1936. Between 1936 and 1971, it belonged to the office of Koslar.
Angelsportverein Barmen/Broich e. V.; Karnevalsgesellschaft "Stopp dä Mutz" Broich 1903 e.V.; Maigesellschaft Broich 1934 e. V.; Löschgruppe Broich der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Jülich; St. Sebastianus Schützenbruderschaft Broich e.V.; SV Frankonia Broich 1906 e. V.
Grafik: Haus Broich Haus Broich:

Haus Broich is a former motte-and-bailey castle. The castle was mentioned for the first time in the middle of the 14th century.
The owner was the family Mulart von Broich.
Today’s building is a picturesque small brick building of the 2nd half of the 17th century.
In 1742, it came into the possession of the family of Hallberg.
Grafik: Kirche St. Philippus und Jakobus St. Philippus und Jakobus:

For the chapel in Broich which has been mentioned for the first time in 1377, the church of Jülich was in the possession of the parish rights.
The chapel was newly erected in 1781 as St. Philippus and Jakobus and has been a parish church since 1904.
Until World War II, it was a local pilgrimage centre to Saint Apollonia (proven since about 1800).
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