Jülich: city centre (divided into 3 city centre districts) and parts of the city

Besides the city centre, Jülich comprises 15 parts of the city. Moreover, the city centre was divided into 3 areas. You can call each of the parts of the city in the navigation menu on the left.
For the inhabitants of the parts of the city and of the city centre, the respective municipal administrators are the first contact persons on the local level. They are elected by the city council. The election is made for the period of the council's term in office.

The task of the municipal administrators is to represent the interests of the part of the city towards the council. Within the frame of this task, they are always entitled and obliged to collect wishes, impetus and complaints from the respective part of the city and forward them to the council or to the committee responsible for deciding on the matter.

Moreover, they assume certain transactions of the ongoing administration which have been devolved to them by the mayor. Therefore, they are honorary officials. The tasks are the following:

  • Accreditations (fees according to the statute on administrative fees)
  • Visits of older citizens upon completion of the 80th, 85th and any other 5th year of life
  • Visits in case of golden wedding anniversaries
  • Issuance of the certificates of existence which is annually required for the pension insurance
  • Support of the control of order and safety on roads, ways and places (this particularly includes the support of the control of street lighting and traffic safety, such as e.g. the reporting of road recesses and slumping)
  • Supervision of multipurpose halls and municipal buildings as far as there are such in the individual parts of the city (e.g. reporting of damages, poor cleaning etc.)
  • Hearing in case of leases of municipal properties
  • Notification of the administration in case of grievances and damages to municipal facilities and in particular wild dumping
  • 23  Nov  2020

    Digitaler Jülicher Festvortrag zum Jahresabschluss 2020

    Erstausstrahlung am 1. Dezember 2020, 18.30 Uhr

  • 23  Nov  2020

    Weihnachtsbaum geschmückt

    Gestifteter Schmuck verschönert Marktplatz

  • 19  Nov  2020

    Änderung der Erreichbarkeit

    Bitte Handynummer gegen Festnetznummer austauschen

  • 19  Nov  2020

    Sitzung des Ausschusses für Kultur, Dorf- und Stadtentwicklung, Wirtschaftsförderung

    26. November 2020, 18 Uhr, Kulturmuschel im Stadtgarten des Brückenkopf-Parks Jülich

  • 19  Nov  2020

    Sitzung des Integrationsrates


    25. November 2020, 19 Uhr, Großer Saal im Neuen Rathaus


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