Shopping in Jülich

Diverse retail opportunities with around 200 shops in the town centre, inns and cosy cafes and the popular weekly market, invite you to shop, stroll or just stay a while. In this way, a visit to Jülich town centre, which is characterised by lots of green and the signs of its 2000 year history, becomes experience shopping for the whole family.

Sunday shopping event
In connection with public holidays or interesting festivals, the shops
in Jülich town centre open on Sunday four times a year. Sunday shopping events in 2015:

  • 04.10.2015
  • 13.12.2015
  • 16  Sep  2019

    Interkulturelle Woche 2019

    Kolping Roadshow „Integration“ zu Besuch in Jülich auf dem Marktplatz

  • 16  Sep  2019

    Straßensperrung Kapuzinerstraße/Baierstraße

    18. September

  • 16  Sep  2019

    Tina Teubner: Wenn du mich verlässt komm ich mit

    25. September, 20 Uhr, Kuba

  • 16  Sep  2019

    Versteigerung von Fundsachen

    21. September, 14 Uhr, Hof der Stadtverwaltung

  • 13  Sep  2019

    Eingeschränkte telefonische Erreichbarkeit der Stadtverwaltung Jülich

    17. - 19. September


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